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Johnston | | Bremen


Die Bremer Band Johnston gründete sich im Jahr 2000. Aus der Biographie der Band:

Anyway. The ten most important facts to know about Johnston:

Fact 1: Johnston’s original bandname ‘Asteroidengürteltier’ had to be changed due to impending legal problems: in fear of getting his ass sued by

drummer Worz, guitarist Meise gnashingly agreed to rename the band. Meise’s broken heart never fully recovered.
Fact 2: Johnston’s bassplayer Kaptain appeared in 2001 with the rapid suddenness of a slightly drunken doomsday device and surprisingly

never left again. There must be something about Johnston

Fact 3: Guitarist McFly (landed 2005) has to be imagined as a well designed joke of evolution: by mixing genes of american actor Michael J. Fox, b

razilian football star Diego Ribas da Cunha and a solid block of wood, nature created a hybrid of the extraordinary kind. Well, at least kind of…

Fact 4: Johnston play some sort of Death Metal, but due to their coastal origin they prefer the term ‘Death Mettaal’. You don’t have to understand that in detail, but it would be very helpful.
Fact 5: The release of Johnston’s debut album “Welcome to the Weaseldome” on May 15th 2009 marks the end of 25 months of recording a

nd production. Yes, they also took a break once in a while.
Fact 6: The album features six songs in the exact order in which they were written. So, as a matter of fact AND logically speaking, the album ca

n be

used to take a journey to the actual future of metal. Ain’t that incredible?!

Fact 7: The Johnston members use aliases instead of their real names, not because in real life they are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franz Beckenbauer, Arthur Schopenhauer and Joachim ‘Blacky’ Fuchsberger, but just for the hell of it. Also, their real names sound stupid.
Fact 8: The last time Johnston brought their collected deposit bottles from their rehearsal room to the store, they got 35,66 EUR in return. Fanta only of course!
Fact 9: Although none of the Johnston members consume meat regularly, they all share a certain affinity to Mett, especially in its uroboric hedgehog form. So, not for no reason at all, Johnston had “Mettzilla ½ & ½” on

their list of possible album titles.

Fact 10: All known gold ressources on the planet ‘Earth’ could be put into a cube with an edge length of 26 meters. Actually, this doesn’t have the slightest thing to do with Johnston.

Kaptain - bss/vcls

Meise - gtr/vcls

McFly - gtr

Worz - drms

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